Frequently Asked Questions about 

glamping at Campden Yurts


What is provided in the yurts?

You will find the beds ready and made up, blankets and throws to keep you warm. The woodburner will be set up, ready to light and a good size basket of wood, kindling, lighters and matches provided. There is a gas ring stove, cafetieres, teaspoons, mugs, small plates and all you need for that morning coffee. There is also a solar battery which powers the lights in the yurts.


What is provided in the utility room/cook hut?

We provide saucepans, frying pans, crockery, cutlery, graters, mugs, glasses, childrens plates/bowls/cups – oh and don’t panic BOTTLE OPENERS AND WINE GLASSES a plenty!

In the utility room there is a large double sink, washing up liquid, sponges and cloths, tea-towels and hand towels. There is an under-counter fridge per yurt and plastic storage tub for dry goods.




 What are the bathrooms like?

You have your own designated bathroom during your stay so please feel free to leave your toiletries and towels during your stay. Our bathrooms are spacious and have a flushing loo, sink (hot and cold water), an electric shower and bin. We provide hand soap and hand towels. There is a also a towel rack for hanging used towels and this can be placed outside the bathroom to dry if the weather is good.



What do I need to bring?

Please bring a torch, your own main towels, clothing, outdoor shoes and slippers.  We would be very grateful if you do not wear outdoor shoes in the yurts. This is a self-catering venue so do remember to bring some food and drink – or wander down to Chipping Campden to stock up when you arrive. There is a large box outside the yurt for wellies/shoes/coats. We can provide a potty too if that helps reduce the packing!


What are the cooking facilities?

We ask guests to cook in our outside ‘cook hut’ only - which holds a gas oven, grill and hob, pots, pans, baking trays etc. There is also a microwave and toaster in the utility room. We also encourage you to cook over your camp fire and provide a grill for bbq-ing those sausages, and a kotlich pan for soups/stews or any other delicious meal you wish to create. This hangs on a tripod over the fire. There is also a tray for frying/bbq-ing on a suspended tray via the tripod.

There are picnic tables outside the ‘cook hut’ and a shade to provide shelter from the (hopefully) shining sun!


Using the Pizza oven

Pizza evenings are great fun. If you wish to have a pizza evening and use ‘Bob’ the cob oven, please pre-book as we need to allow for preparing wood and being there to show you how to use him, make the dough etc.

‘Bob’ is a hungry oven and needs constant feeding with wood for at least 2 hours before he is hot enough to use. We ask for £5 towards the wood and £4/head for the homemade dough, sauce and other ingredients which will be provided. This can be paid on the night (cash only please).  Please bring your own toppings.



We would really appreciate it if you would help us minimise our footprint and have provided recycling bins for glass bottles, tins, paper/cardboard and a separate bag for plastic bottles. There is a bin for compost too. Please take the time to sort your rubbish from the yurt and kitchen and use these bins.


Supermarket delivery?

If you wish to be super-organised the main supermarkets can deliver here – we would though encourage you to consider shopping in Chipping Campden and support the local shops. There is Co-op, One Stop, Tokes and Fillet and Bone selling local meats, fruit and veg and other delights. There are also several delicatessens in the high street with delicious cheeses, olives, treats and wine and of course plenty of places to enjoy a bite to eat within the town centre!


Are there any extra costs?

Wood - If you need more wood, this can be purchased on site. For just £5 we will re-fill your basket, kindling and lighters. We also have wood for the campfires that can be bought the same way.

Pizza oven – as above. £5 for the wood and £4/head for the pizza dough, sauce and other ingredients.


Check Out

We don’t want you to feel rushed but as we have a short turn-around window, please have all your belongings out of the bathroom/utility by 10am and out from the yurt by 10.30am. The bathrooms will be closed from 10am so we can make a start with the cleaning. It would be appreciated if you would empty the bin from the yurt into the appropriate recycling bins and empty the wood burner of ash (separate ash bin provided). Don’t feel you have to strip the beds - you can leave that for us to sort out.

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