Choosing the accommodation


We considered a few different options for our guest accommodation and settled on traditional Kyrgyz yurts for their friendly, open layout. We looked at different makers and followed a recommendation to Avalon Yurts in Somerset.


Wanting them to blend into the hillside from a distance and up close, we chose sand and olive colours rather than white or bright pink which was also on offer! We went for 18ft size to allow room for double beds and futons and kept the design as family friendly as possible with the wood burner to the side allowing more communal room.


Unlike the yurts of Mongolia which lie flat on the earth, ours are on blocks with a wooden floor to protect the canvas and give an even base (it is not called Hillside Nursery for nothing!). The floor is in 10 pieces and fitted together with mm precision (and sometimes a little bit of naughty language!) Ssshh.


The wooden lattice sides concertina together when not in use and the spokes into the top crown are placed in individually. It takes a team of 4 – 6 to make the process easy but we have done it with just 4 people – having at least one tall person in the team and a good supply of flapjack helps a lot!



Yurt baseThe sides go up

Crown going upSides going on


yurt with roof  yurts done


Inside the yurts


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