A bit of Hillside History


A little bit of Hillside History


The Twinberrows – Dave, Dieuwke and baby Cate moved to Hillside Nursery in Chipping Campden in 1971.  The small-holding had been a plant nursery but was now a complete wilderness – acres of overgrown grass and weeds, ramshackle old buildings and a neglected shack of a house.


Even though baby Jane came along soon after moving in, Dave and Dieuwke and many family members from Holland set about clearing and tidying, ploughing, rotavating, planting and repairing the place.


Their continuous hard work paid off and they became pretty much self-sufficient. Hens for eggs, goats for milk, ponies for pleasure and work, and acres of vegetables, plum, apple and pear trees and 2 polytunnels full of tomatoes and melons which were sold by the side of the road. Even a windmill to re-charge tractor batteries! Picture Darling Buds of May meets The Good Life.


Roll on 40 plus years and Hillside hasn’t changed so much. Less vegetables (thankfully – working clay ground is hard work!), less fruit trees (winter storms have taken their toll), no goats or ponies just 10 very free range hens and some Cotswold sheep that belong to the local High School. Only 1 polytunnel and no Dave who sadly passed away in 2010, age 90.


Jane, husband Neill and children Elly and Billy moved back to Hillside in 2008 to help manage the place and then came the idea of starting a glamping site. We had so many visitors every year who loved the feel of the place and never wanted to leave so we thought this was a good sign. We researched and explored the idea, knowing there was nothing like it in the area and now, here we are in 2017 with two lovely yurts and a glamping business! 


Walking the goats!   Haymaking and fruit stall


Building the windmill   Pony Power

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