Pizza Parties at Campden Yurts

 🍕Calling all pizza lovers!! 🍕


Why not book a pizza party during your stay? We know guests love cooking over the firepits but once you have had your fill of bbq’s guess what…we can offer you an alternative! And what’s more – it gets everyone involved and even teaches you new skills!

We know your pizza tastes are as individual as you are…are you a garlic bread, margherita, pepperoni or Hawaiian pizza fan? Maybe you want to come up with your own unique taste combination? Well then this is your chance to get creative! These alfresco pizza parties are great fun, tasty and suitable for all ages (and abilities). 

The only thing YOU need to think about is what toppings you want to bring! Just prepare your cheese, meat or veggies as you want them and then the fun can begin…(visit the local co-op and delicatessens in Chipping Campden to stock up on your favourite toppings).

Glamping site host Jane running pizza parties for young people in Bob the Cob Pizza Oven
Jane, your glamping site host using the cob oven for pizza parties

What Happens at Campden Yurts Pizza Parties?

On the evening, Jane or Neil will light and manage ‘Bob’ the cob pizza oven. We feed him lots of wood and he takes about 30-40 minutes to get to cooking temperature.

We will set up the pizza making tables and equipment all ready for use. Next we bring out the delicious homemade dough and pizza sauce, enough for at least 2 pizzas each. 

Jane will take you through the various steps of pizza making. We start with rolling the base to the right size and thickness and loading them onto the pizza peels. Then it is over to you to get creative and top your pizza with your favourite ingredients. 

Once they are in the oven these thin-based pizzas only take 3 – 4 minutes to cook as Bob gets extremely hot!

Don’t tell anyone but we have been known to end the evening making sweet pizzas! These are a delicious combination of chocolate and marshmallow or banana calzones, Mmmm. If you feel too full for more pizza, we can simply toast marshmallows in Bob’s fiery mouth.

Let us know in advance if you are interested in having a pizza party, at least by the day before as Jane makes the dough in the morning so it has all day to prove. 

The pizza parties are £30 for our time and wood and £5 per person for the dough and sauce.


Dietary Information:

Neither the dough nor sauce contain any animal ingredients and so are suitable for vegans.

Please let us know if you require gluten-free dough – this is possible but it does contain egg and milk and Jane needs to know well in advance to source alternative flour etc.

Please be aware that the oven is used for all pizzas so we cannot guarantee there will not be any non-vegan ingredients in the area, and the cob oven is not a gluten free environment although these pizzas can be cooked separately in the gas oven. Please discuss requirements well in advance with Jane.👌

Bob the cob Pizza oven
Young girl rolling out a pizza base
Young glamping guest making pizzas
Children making pizzas outside
A pizza party in full swing with teenage guests
2 teenagers with marshmallows ready to toast
Toasted marshmallow with Pizza oven behind
Pizzas cooking in the pizza oven
Pizzas and salad

If pizzas aren’t your thing then Chipping Campden has a number of alternatives for you. From Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, Chinese and of course – the fabulous English Pub cuisine.  Many of the local inns/pubs have won awards for their food so you have some great choices! To read more:

Read about how we built Bob our Cob Pizza oven back in 2015. He is made from our own clay soil and local stone. We think he has cooked well over 1,000 pizzas by now – hoping he’s up for another 1,000 more! He is a great asset to the glamping site! 

If you are interested in having your own cob oven – we can thoroughly recommend Matthew at