How to light a woodburner or campfire

Woodburner and flames

 How to light a woodburner or campfire 🔥    We appreciate that not everyone will know how to light a woodburner so we have created some instructional videos. These videos take you through the steps to get the fire going really well. The same steps can be followed to get a campfire going – obviously […]

Packing for a glamping break…

A suitcase with clothes spilling out

Packing for a glamping break… We appreciate that packing for a glamping break can be tricky. In fact packing for any break can be one of the least enjoyable parts of going on holiday. Especially so if you are a family with young children! And let’s not even talk about the unpacking when you return […]

5 lessons learnt in starting a business

Aerial view of Campden Yurts glamping site - 2 yurts and grounds

5 lessons learnt in starting a business in Chipping Campden Getting Campden Yurts up and going was quite an adventure. It was only made possible through the help, support, and skills of others, right here in Chipping Campden and the local area. And I am so grateful to have been able to tap into it. […]

Man wearing a disguise

How to avoid scam holidays Don’t fall for scam holidays, no matter how desperate  you are for a change of scene! It is so sad to read about people buying seemingly legitimate breaks and then finding out they are scam holidays 😢. Many are from people advertising holidays ‘they can no longer take’ through facebook pages […]

Brilliant Benefits of being Outdoors

Child hugging a tree - connection with nature is a benefit of being outdoors

Brilliant Benefits of being Outdoors!  The benefits of being outdoors are getting recognised… On a recent zoom meeting, we were all asked what 1 thing had helped us most during lockdown? The overwhelming response was taking exercise outdoors every day. For so many of us, time spent outside has helped us through. More and more […]

Covid-19 precautions

A basket of cleaning products

Covid-19 precautions and Booking Guarantee We will be maintaining our Covid cleaning methods and standards throughout 2022 and beyond… As hospitality owners, your safety and peace of mind (and that of our staff) is really important to us. To help us prepare and keep in line with current regulations, we have taken a special hospitality […]

Reviews by previous guests

Two yurts and hammocks

Reviews by Guests We have been delighted to welcome many guests since opening in 2017. Many have been kind enough to leave reviews or comments on google or facebook, as well as in the guests books. Some guests were Bloggers who stayed for free in return for an honest (un-edited by us) review… Please see […]