FAQ's: What can I expect when glamping?

Whether you are seasoned campers, or this is your first experience of an outdoors holiday – you may have questions! Below we have tried to answer them based on the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) we get about glamping at Campden Yurts including what is provided in the yurts, bathrooms and utility room.

Inside one of the yurts with a king size bed, double futons and woodburner

We want you to relax as soon as you get here so we provide the essentials for a break away.

No need to load the car with cooking equipment, cots, high chairs or other bulky items – they are all here! If you do have any queries about what is provided, please just get in touch, we are happy to answer them.

Here is a run through of what you may want to know:


What is provided in the yurts?

Beds: Each yurt has 1 kingsize bed and Daisy has 2 double futons while Buttercup has a double futon and a single day bed. We continue to give guests the option to bring their own bedding or to pre-book our bedding. We can provide hot water bottles, just in case you want to warm your bed up before you clamber in.

Seating: The futons will be set up as sofas unless being used as beds. There is one armchair in each yurt.

Heating: The woodburner will be set up and ready to light. A good size basket of wood, kindling, lighters and matches are provided. We have a separate blog showing how to light the woodburner. You can watch a ‘how to light a woodburner’ video here: https://youtu.be/HlxU45wUjMY

Stove:  There is a gas stove along with a kettle, cafettiere, teaspoons, mugs, cups, and all you need for that morning brew.

Lighting: There are solar fairy lights in the yurts and a solar charged battery which powers the 2 lights.

Campden Yurts bedside lights

Travel cots: If you requested a travel cot, it will be in the yurt ready. Please bring your own warm bedding for your child.

Storage: There are shelves/cupboards and plenty of room under the main bed to slide cases/bags out of the way.

The large box outside each yurt can be used for wellies/shoes/coats.


What is provided in the utility room/cook hut?

Utility room and amenities

We provide each yurt with separate

  • saucepans, frying pans, baking sheets and BBQ tools   🍳
  • crockery and cutlery including children’s plates/bowls/cups 🍽
  • graters, colanders, chopping boards, can openers and bottle openers 🍾
  • mugs, plastic beakers and glasses – lots of glasses for beer, gin, wine or water!🍺

There is also

  • lidded glass storage tubs, tin foil and cling film (but please use the lidded bowls to reduce plastic waste 😇)
  • glass carafes for using in the yurts – so no need to bring plastic water bottles
  • a large double sink and washing up bowls, washing up liquid, sponges and cloths, tea-towels and hand towels.
  • two under-counter fridges – one per yurt and plastic storage tubs for dry goods.
  • electric kettle, microwave and toaster
  • marshmallow toasting forks
  • first aid kits
  • 3 high chairs available
Our water is mains water and suitable for drinking. NO NEED TO BRING BOTTLED WATER!


What are the Glamping site bathrooms like?

A private bathroom for each yurt

You have your own PRIVATE BATHROOM during your stay, so you can leave your toiletries and towels in there.

Our bathrooms are light and spacious and have a flushing loo, sink (hot and cold water),  electric shower, hairdryer, chair and bin.

We provide hand soap, hand towels and toilet rolls. The rack for hanging used towels  can be placed outside the bathroom to dry if the weather is good.


What do I need to bring?

We are again giving the option to bring your own bedding for the kignsize bed and double futons (if using as beds).  You will need to bring sheets (1 king and 1 or 2 double and 1 single if in Buttercup), duvets, pillows and covers.

Alternatively you can pre-book our bedding which has a small charge. 

Please bring a torch, your own main towels, clothing, outdoor shoes and slippers. We would appreciate it if you didn’t wear outdoor shoes in the yurt.

This is a self-catering venue so remember to bring some food and drink! Chipping Campden is close by if you want to stock up when you arrive. 


What is provided for cooking?

Once again we have made it as easy as possible for you! 

The cook hut at Campden Yurts

We have built a ‘cook hut’ which holds a gas oven with grill and hob, pots, pans, baking trays etc. Now you can cook up a feast as you enjoy the views! Cooking oil, salt and pepper are all here.

There is also a microwave, electric kettle and toaster in the utility room. We provide a welcome tray of tea, coffee, sugar and treats too.

We encourage you to be adventurous and cook outside, over your fire. You can grill over the firepit – perfect for bbq-ing those sausages or use the barrel bbq provided – we keep a stash of charcoal here ready. 

We ask guests not to cook in the yurts for safety reasons and to prevent the canvas becoming smelly.


What is provided as seating around the site?

There are picnic tables outside each yurt and down by the ‘cook hut’ and pizza oven. The indoor/outdoor shelter has benches and chairs around the tables so you can shelter from the sun, rain or wind!

We have tree stumps, benches and wooden chairs around the campfire areas but feel free to bring camp chairs if you prefer those.

You can also relax in the hammocks that are next to each yurt.


What are the Pizza Parties like?

Pizza evenings are great fun! If you wish to have a pizza evening, please let us know in advance/on arrival. We need to allow for making the dough in the morning so it proves all day.

We set up tables outside and Jane/Neill will host the evening, light the oven and make the pizzas with you. Suitable for all ages –  if you can handle a rolling pin and spread some sauce…you can join in! If the weather is bad we can make them in the shelter.

The charge is £25 for the pizza-party experience plus £5/head for the homemade dough, sauce and other ingredients. This can be paid on the night (cash only please). Please bring your own toppings. There will be enough dough for at least 2 pizzas each.

Read more about the Pizza Parties here: https://campdenyurts.co.uk/campden-yurts-pizza-parties/


Is there recycling?

Please help us minimise our impact on the environment. We have provided recycling bins for glass bottles, tins, paper/cardboard and a separate bag for plastic containers/bottles. There is a bin for compost and one for food waste too. Please take the time to sort your rubbish from the yurt and kitchen and use these bins. We provide glass carafes for taking water to the yurts. We also have metal drinking flasks for taking water  out and about.  NO NED TO BRING BOTTLED WATER. 


Can we shop for food locally/get a supermarket delivery?

We would encourage you to shop in Chipping Campden and to support the local shops. 

There is a Co-op, One Stop, Fillet and Bone selling local meats, fruit and veg and other delights. There are also little delicatessens in the high street with delicious cheeses, olives, treats and wine. We have two excellent local farmshops too – Lower Clopton Farmshop (Closed Sunday and Monday) https://www.lowerclopton.co.uk/ and Vegetable Matters https://www.facebook.com/VegMatters1/  with Meat Matters in Ebrington. Both have cafes 😉👏

If however you are a larger party, we are happy to take supermarket deliveries on the day of your arrival. Please book a slot from 5pm onwards, or whenever you intend to arrive, and note that there isn’t a freezer on site.


Are there any extra costs?

Wood – If you need more wood, this can be purchased on site. For just £7 we will re-fill your basket, kindling and lighters. We also have wood for the campfires that can be bought the same way.

Pizza oven – as above. £25 for the experience/wood and £5/head for the pizza dough, sauce and other ingredients.

Marshmallows – we try to keep a supply of bags of marshmallows, just in case!

Jams/marmalade – there is a small porch shop selling homemade jams, chutneys and marmalade.

Birthdays/events – if you wish us to buy balloons/decorations for a celebration, we are happy to do so if you give us a few days notice. On average balloons/bunting are around £25 depending on what you want. We do need advance warning as the balloon shop is not local.

Security Deposit – this only applies to those bringing dogs. Please see ‘Glamping with Dogs’ for more details.


When is Check In/Check Out?

Check-in is 5pm so we can fulfil all the cleaning/disinfecting/airing of the yurts which we continue to do.

Check-out is by 10am – unless you are having a late checkout on Sunday when it is 3pm.

We only have a short time to prepare the site for our next guests. Please have all your belongings out of the bathroom/utility and yurts by 10am.

The bathrooms will be closed from 10am so we can make a start with the cleaning.