Glamping with Dogs at Campden Yurts

A yurt, a campfire and a dog

 πŸ• Welcoming Four-legged guests:

Campden Yurts is now a dog-friendly glamping site!πŸ™‚

You can bring your beloved hound (or two) to come and enjoy the glorious Cotswolds with you – explore the countryside, footpaths and woods, visit the villages and towns and treat yourselves in the many dog-friendly cafes and pubs.

We were asked so many times about guests being able to bring their dogs so we listened and have made one of our yurts dog friendly! 

We are happy to welcome 1 well-behaved medium/large or 2 small dogs to Buttercup Yurt. πŸ•

Until 2020, we have not allowed dogs on the site due to concerns about livestock. We have very free range chickens, a small free range dog and 2 free range children here. We also have farms with sheep/cattle/horses in the fields all around us so it took a while to figure out how we could make this work.

Before booking, please do consider if this is the right environment for your dog/s. There will be other guests, young children and animals around the glamping site.

About the Site

Black and white free range hen

We have created a small paddock around Buttercup Yurt that includes the campfire area. The fence is around 5ft high which we hope will discourage dogs from wanting to jump over it! This is to help reduce risk of distress to our chickens or other guests, and so you can relax with your dog. It is also for your dog’s safety. 

The site is not fully enclosed because there are gaps under the gates leading to the road alongside our site. It is also open down into our adjacent smallholding where we have other pets outside.

As we are in the countryside, there are owls, pheasants, cows, sheep, badgers, foxes as well as chickens around us. These creatures can be noisy both day and at night and their sounds may cause your dog to get excited and act differently to how they do at home. 

Please do make sure your dog is under control and on a lead at all times. This is for their safety and that of other guests.  

Also, please make sure your dog is of good health before and during your stay.

Dogs and Yurts

The yurts are not solid structures but wood and canvas. As they  do not have solid walls any small dogs set on escaping could potentially succeed! Therefore, PLEASE ENSURE DOGS ARE NEVER LEFT ALONE INSIDE THE YURTS.

We ask that dogs are not allowed on the beds.

Both yurts are carpeted and have rugs down too.

Please feed and dry/groom your dog outside the yurt, using the wooden indoor/outdoor shelter if necessary.


We are looking forward to meeting you and your four-legged friend. We consider your dog to be a member of your group and want them to have a lovely holiday too. 

However, as with your humans, any anti-social or destructive behaviour (noise or being loose on site) will not be accepted. If this happens repeatedly, your group will be asked to leave the site, and a refund forfeited. 

We will hold a refundable security deposit of Β£250.  This will be from the start of your holiday to the end to cover any damage/breakages (inside or outside). If the cost of repair/replacement is higher than this, we will contact you to agree further action.


In Summary:

We ask that:

All dogs to be kept under control and on a lead.

All dog-poo to be picked up immediately and placed in bin provided.

Dogs are NEVER LEFT ALONE in the yurts or on the site. You must take your dog with you if going off site.

Dogs are kept off the beds.

Dogs are to be fed and dried/groomed outside the yurts.

Owners please notify us of any damage inside or outside the yurt or of any incidents affecting other guests/livestock.

Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the site, forfeiting any refund.


What to bring glamping for your dog:

Please bring your dog’s food, bed, crate if they have one and towels. We are able to provide dog bowls for their food and water.


Places to go with dogs in the Cotswolds

Big skies and great walks on Dover's Hill

Obviously there are many footpaths and walks to enjoy with your dog. Many of the open spaces where your dog can run will have livestock grazing nearby. Please check before allowing your dog off the lead. If we do not have sheep in our bottom field, this can be used to exercise your dog. Please do pick up any dog-mess immediately.

There are many places that welcome dogs locally including Batsford Arboretum.  

Campden has plenty of dog-friendly pubs and tearooms which include:  (at the time of writing):

The Eight Bells Inn (01386 840371) – “Dogs are welcome to join you if you’re eating in the main bar area”

The Lygon Arms (01386 840318) – “Dogs are very welcome in the bar and courtyard”

The Noel Arms Hotel  (01386 840317) – Dogs welcome in the bar and coffee shop

The Red Lion Tavern (01386 840760) 

The Volunteer Inn (01386 840688)

The Kings Hotel (01386 840256) – not open in 2020

The Cotswold House Hotel (01386 840330)

The Bantam Tearooms (01386 840386)

Campden Coffee Company (01386 849251)

The Ebrington Arms (01386 593 223)

Morris & Brown cafe, Broadway Tower (01386 852945 )