Terms and Conditions – Campden Yurts

Please read the following:



Please take out Holiday Insurance with Covid cover so that if you cannot take your holiday with Campden Yurts due to being unwell or having to self isolate, you can claim on your insurance. We will NOT issue a refund (unless we can re-let the dates) but we will provide the documentation needed to make a claim.



Cancellation: Please contact us immediately by email if you have to cancel.

If you need to cancel for other reasons, we will refund the payment (minus any admin, Stripe or OTA charges) only IF WE CAN RE-LET THE DATES. The more notice you give us, the more chance there is to re-let the dates. 



  • A deposit of 30% to secure your booking
  • Balance due 30 days before your holiday


If we do not receive the balance within 7 days of when it is due, we will attempt to contact you. If you do not respond and complete payment, we will assume you no longer want these dates and will re-let. You will forfeit the holiday and will not be refunded the deposit. Again, in this situation the deposit is non-refundable!

If you do not/cannot make the second payment, please talk to us, we are friendly!!


(it doesn’t cost much – less than £20 with some providers – and can give you peace of mind!)

We ask all guests to comply with any advised social distancing measures whilst on site.

Please DO NOT travel if you, or a member of your group shows symptoms of Covid-19, has been in contact with someone displaying symptoms, or have been told to self-isolate. Please keep other guests, and us, safe by not travelling and staying home.

If you or a member of your group begin to show symptoms of Covid-19 while on site, you must notify us immediately by phone, leave the site and return home. Please ensure you have adequate fuel in your vehicle to make your return journey without stopping.

Bookings are only secure on receipt of your payment in full. Upon receipt of confirmation email, it is your responsibility to check the details and notify us immediately of any discrepancies.

Group Bookings: The lead booker/organiser of the group must be over 21 years old and is responsible for providing accurate group details. The organiser agrees to take responsibility for the party occupying the Property and will be responsible if any damage is incurred. It is expected that the lead booker will be on site and part of the party.

It is a condition of our insurance and your booking that the total number in your party should correspond with your booking form. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the entire group if this condition is not observed (turning up with extra people is not permitted). All groups must have at least 1 member that is 21 years or over, who takes responsibility for the group.

Visitors to the site: Please inform us of any extra persons visiting the site BEFORE they arrive.  Visitors are NOT permitted to stay overnight and must be off site by 10pm. No more than 2 extra visitors per party (unless agreed) and they will be considered subject to the same terms and conditions as paying guests.

Alterations: Please inform us as soon as possible of any alterations or change of requirements/information regarding those staying/visiting the property.

Arrival: Access to the site 5pm – 8pm.

If you plan to arrive after 8pm, please let us know via phone or text to 07792 624036 – thanks.

Departure: Please leave the site by 10.00am at the latest. As we will be deep-cleaning the whole site, we need guests to have left by 10am. The yurts, cook hut, utility room and bathrooms will not be available after 10am as we start cleaning these ready for the next guests.

You are kindly asked to leave everything in a clean and tidy condition and wash/dry up/return all items and empty bins into appropriate recycling containers before you leave.

If staff have to complete ‘extra’ cleaning ie washing up, removing pen/ink/deliberate damage, rearranging furniture etc, we reserve the right to charge extra for the time taken.

If you have used our bedding, please strip the covers and protectors off duvets and pillows and place in bags provided and seal. Please leave the yurt windows open. Thank you.

If you are opting for a late check-out on the Sunday, check-out time is by 3pm.

If you are aware of any breakages/damages, please notify us BEFORE you leave the site. We do not charge for small breakages but need to know about providing replacements.

Dogs: We welcome dogs in Buttercup Yurt only. Please make sure your dog/s are under control at all times for the safety of your dog/s, other guests and surrounding livestock. If outside of the paddock, all dogs must be on a lead.

Do not leave dogs unattended inside the yurt at any time. Only leave unattended in the paddock if still on site and your dog can not escape.

Owners agree to clear up any mess (immediately to prevent transfer into the yurt) and notify us of any damage caused inside or outside the yurt. We accept 1 large or 2 small/medium dogs. Dogs causing excessive noise may result in your party being asked to leave the site.

We charge £27/stay to cover extra cleaning. We also take a refundable security deposit of £250 which will only be used if damage has been caused or reasonable complaints made from other guests requiring refunds. You will receive notification request before your holiday begins – this is taken through Stripe who recommend using a credit card for this transaction.

Cars/Parking: Please enter the site at the top gateway and leave by the bottom gateway – and take extra care as you drive out as visibility is limited and you are joining a road. The car park is very close to the yurts.

Noise: We ask that noise be kept to a minimum in the evenings with a Quiet Site Policy after 10pm (this means no shouting, no music or playing of instruments or unreasonable noise that would disturb other guests/neighbours). Please be considerate to others staying on site who may have young children.

Smoking: Please note this is a non-smoking/non-vaping site. Please do not smoke or vape in or around the yurts, the bathrooms, utility or in any of the communal areas. Anyone smoking/vaping in these areas will be in breach of our Terms and Conditions and will be asked to leave the site, forfeiting a refund. If you do need to smoke/vape, please do so in the car park area where a sand bin can be provided.

Campfires/firepits: Please keep campfires small and manageable and only in designated areas. For your safety and that of the property, we reserve the right to ban fires during very windy or drought conditions. Guests found ignoring these rules may be asked to leave the site, forfeiting a refund. Wood is available to buy here.

Yurt Fire safety:  No candles or oil lamps are permitted in the yurts or shower block. We provide solar lighting in each yurt, and solar fairy lights. No cooking in the yurts – please use the cookhut or firepits.

Yurt care: We would appreciate it if you remove outdoor footwear before entering the yurt and place them in the storage box. Bacteria and virus can be brought in on shoes so please do not wear them in the yurt. Please ventilate the yurts by opening the windows during the day.

Wi-Fi: We do not have wi-fi (please pre-warn any teenagers) but the mobile/roaming data is accessible and the local hotels do offer wi-fi to customers.

The Site: We are on a hill side, it is not steep and gravel pathways lead to all the key areas.

Animals: We are on a smallholding so there are animals around. Please respect our (and the neighbouring farm) animals and do not enter their fields, distress the animals or drop litter. Please keep the gates closed too, thanks.

Supervise Children: We want your children to relax and have fun. For their safety – please supervise them especially around the campfire, wood burner, hammocks and pizza oven and in the kitchen area. You are responsible for your children’s safety at all times and ensure any tools used ie axes or sharp implements are put out of reach after use. The ground can become uneven and cracked during dry weather, and rabbits can make holes around the site, therefore please advise children to take care when running on the grass areas as large holes/cracks can appear.

Safety on site: Please keep children and all members of your party out of the sheds/buildings.

Force Majeure:  Force Majeure on the side of Campden Yurts exists if the implementation of the agreement is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond the control of Campden Yurts, including threat of war, staff strikes, blockades, fire, flood, storm and other disruptions or events.

Out of our Control We are surrounded by countryside which means that along with the beauty and fresh air comes noises, smells (and creatures) as farmers and animals go about their business. We have no control over this and cannot be held responsible for any disruption to sleep/your stay. At night you may hear animals – cows, owls, foxes, deer, badgers etc and we hope this will add to your ‘closer to nature’ experience, not detract from it. At certain times the farmers may be working in the fields into the night – such as when harvesting/ploughing. Earplugs are available in the utility room! As the yurts are outside they do occasionally have bugs/insects visit them – we do all we can to remove these but cannot be held responsible if more arrive during your visit. We do not offer refunds if you choose to leave/cancel due to these.

Weather/Acts of God:  If the weather becomes dangerous, or other circumstances arise that make it dangerous to stay on the site, please be aware that we may have to recommend alternative accommodation, which we will do our best to find.  The final decision will be of the owners.

Traffic: Please be aware that Campden Yurts lies along Kingcombe Lane. This means access to our site is easy, however we do get traffic noise especially at peak times as school and work traffic passes by (or if a boy-racer is passing through). There is also light traffic noise at night. Previous visitors assure us this is not intrusive but again – earplugs are available if you are a light sleeper and want a lie-in!

Lost Property: Any property left behind will be kept for 4 weeks and returned by post on request only. Any items of lost property will then be disposed of.

Complaints: In the event that you have any complaint about your stay or any element of it, please notify Jane or Neill as soon as possible (while you are here) and we will do all we reasonably can to resolve the issue. Don’t be shy – we are on site and we want you to have a great holiday so please talk to us while you are here if there is a problem.

Pricing: Prices on the website and social media are not binding, and Campden Yurts reserve the right to modify them, but costs stated in any booking confirmation email you receive from Campden Yurts will be honoured as shown.

Information:  Information on the website is correct to the best of our knowledge, but circumstances outside of our control may cause it to become inaccurate. We apologise for any inconvenience that may result from this.

Serious accidents: We do all we can to provide a safe, fun environment but this is a working smallholding. We cannot accept liability for any accidents, personal injury, loss or damage which may be sustained by your party, guests or your property during your stay at Campden Yurts. Please keep children within the glamping site area, and do not allow them to go unattended around the small holding.

Damages: Accidents can happen, we accept there may be breakages, however you will be held liable for any damage or loss that we consider to be serious, intentional or through neglect. Any damage to the yurts, their interiors including furniture and woodburner, site buildings, vehicles or that of other guests will need to be paid for. You will be invoiced and asked to make good within 7 days.

Toilets/Bathrooms: We have a sewage treatment plant on site so please DO NOT bring or use bleach/anti-bacterial products as these impede the effectiveness of the plant. Please DO NOT flush any wipes/nappies/beauty products, tampons or sanitary towels into the toilet – a bin is provided in each bathroom for these. Nappies and dog waste may be placed in a separate bin.

Access to Yurts: Generally we do not enter the yurts once they are occupied however if we need to do so, we will notify you, unless it is by your request.

The booking contract is between Campden Yurts and the Lead Booker.

The holiday cannot be re-sold/passed on by the booker unless pre-agreed (in writing) with Campden Yurts. All amendments/alterations must be made through Campden Yurts.

By booking with Campden Yurts you are accepting these terms and conditions. Guests agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate, respectful and law-abiding manner, to respect the owners and all property whether belonging to Campden Yurts, the owners or other guests. Any guests deemed to be in violation of site rules, causing disruption or acting aggressively/illegally/unreasonably will be asked to leave. If this is a group booking, the whole group may be asked to leave with any refund being solely at the discretion of Campden Yurts.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.


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