How to light a woodburner or campfire 🔥


Woodburner and flames

We appreciate that not everyone will know how to light a woodburner so we have created some instructional videos.

These videos take you through the steps to get the fire going really well. The same steps can be followed to get a campfire going – obviously without being able to control the vents. (Not sure why I seem to be whispering in the video but hopefully you can hear me ok!)

Watch the video here:

The key points to remember

👉Air needs to get around the flame so before you start, remove most of the cold ash from the stove into a metal bin (never plastic as even small, warm embers can re-ignite)

👉Start with 8 – 10 pieces of kindling stacked on top of/across each other 2 deep, and place the lighter in the centre

A stack of kindling wood just being lit

👉Wait until the kindling is well lit before adding smaller pieces of wood, just one or two pieces

👉Keep air circulating by having the door open a bit and the vents open

👉If the stove is cold, you may get some smoke coming into the yurt, this will lessen as the chimney and stove warm up  

👉You can close the door (keeping the vents fully open) once the logs themselves are alight

❌Never leave the fire until it is well established and you can close the door

❌Do not use cardboard or paper as these can send sparks up the chimney onto the canvas

❌Do not be tempted to over fill the burner – keep in mind you are still in a tent

❌Never more than 2 logs in it at a time is a good rule

❌Never take lit logs out of the burner to the campfire or vice versa – this is far too risky!

❌The stove itself and the chimney do get hot so do not put anything on top of, or too close to them

✅If in doubt – ask. A good host will be happy to talk you through/show you how to manage the woodburner so you feel confident using it yourself.

Warming feet in front of a woodburner