How to light a woodburner or campfire

Nothing makes a space cosier than a real fire.

The wamth and the atmosphere it creates instantly feels welcoming. There is a woodburner in each yurt so you can enjoy cosy nights in the yurt as well as time around the campfire outside.

We provide a generous basket of seasoned logs, kindling and natural firelighters, protective gloves and companion set of tools. You can order more when/if you want it. The woodburner will be set up ready for you to light for the first time. Jane will also talk you through how to manage the woodburner as she shows you around the yurt on your arrival.

How to light a woodburner - a lit woodburner and fireguard in the yurt

We appreciate that not everyone will know how to light a woodburner so we have created some instructional videos.

These videos take you through the steps to get the fire going really well. The same steps can be followed to get a campfire going – obviously without being able to control the vents. (Not sure why I seem to be whispering in the video but hopefully you can hear me ok!)

Watch the video here:

The key points to remember

👉Make sure the top of the stove is clear and any flammable items are well away from the fire

👉Use only dry, well seasoned wood so it will burn safely and efficiently

👉Air needs to get around the flame so before you start, use the companion tools to remove most of the cold ash from the stove into a metal bin (never plastic). Move the metal bin outside away from the yurt and keep the lid on as even small, warm embers can re-ignite

👉Start with 8 – 10 pieces of kindling stacked on top of/across each other 2 deep, and place the firelighter in the centre. For a campfire start with a few more bits of kindling – maybe 12 and place 3 deep/across with 2 firelighters so as to build up heat a bit quicker

👉Light the firelighter using the long matches

A stack of kindling wood just being lit

👉Wait until the kindling is well lit before adding smaller pieces of wood, just one or two pieces every few minutes and let them light before adding more

👉Once pieces are burning well begin to add the main logs – just one at a time

👉Keep air circulating by having the door open a bit and the vents open

👉If the stove is cold, you may get some smoke coming into the yurt, this will lessen as the chimney and stove warm up  

👉You can close the woodburner door (keeping the vents fully open) once the first log is added and is alight

❌Never leave the fire until it is well established and you can close the door

❌Do not use cardboard or paper as these can send sparks up the chimney onto the canvas

❌Do not be tempted to over fill the burner – keep in mind you are still in a tent

❌Never more than 2 logs in it at a time is a good rule

❌Never take lit logs out of the burner to the campfire or vice versa – this is far too risky!

❌The stove itself and the chimney do get hot so do not put anything on top of, or too close to them

✅If in doubt – ask. A good host will understand if you don’t know how to light a woodburner and be happy to talk you through/show you how to manage the woodburner so you feel confident using it yourself.

You do not need to bring wood/kindling with you – we have it here. Further details about what is provided for your stay is here:

Warming feet in front of a woodburner