Packing for a glamping break...

Packing for a glamping break - Suitcase with teddies in

We appreciate that packing for a glamping break can be tricky. In fact packing for any break can be one of the least enjoyable parts of going on holiday. Especially so if you are a family with young children! And let’s not even talk about the unpacking when you return home 😫

Yet some people seem to have this whole process sorted. They travel with just a single rucksack and a pair of boots –  that has never been my reality. I  have got better, but not to that level!

As my children have got older I have given them the responsibility of packing their own stuff – but 100% I go through it before it gets to the car. A lesson I learnt when my son proudly declared he was all ready for a trip to Nana’s but his bag was full of his cuddly toys and one change of top… not a sock, pair of pants or toothbrush in sight!


So, BEFORE you reach for a suitcase, here are my top tips for packing for a glamping break:

☕ Get yourself a good strong coffee

👀 Take 10 minutes and look at the website of the place you are going. Us hosts try to get as much information on there as possible so you know what is already provided or not.

🧐 Check the FAQ’s on the accommodation website – they will often have a ‘what is provided’ list on there which can save you a lot of hassle and guesswork.

✅ Check your booking confirmation/latest email from the holiday place to see if they have given you helpful information.

❌ Send everyone out of the house so they can’t unpack what you have already done!

📑 Write a list of what you pack – and keep the list with you so you can pack in reverse when the time comes to leave – it is a handy checklist!

🖍 Label/write your name on the items that might get left behind. Containers, toys, torches, games etc so if you are not the one packing to come home – your partner/ friends/kids know what is yours or the sites.

🌤🌧 See what the weather forecast says and bring appropriate coats/hat/ suncream.

Now, bags open and begin:


– Think warm not fashionable – whilst chunky jumpers may seem logical, extra lighter layers may serve you better. Some short sleeved, some long. Using layers also means the ones not against your body can be worn again so you get 2+ days wear out of them.

 – Pack warm pajamas and bed socks – the temperature will drop in the night so again warm layers are your friend. Onesies are fun but not if you need the loo so we suggest pjs instead and a light jumper if needed. Dressing gowns can be useful layers first thing in the morning.

Packing for a glamping break - family in warm pajamas

– If you are coming in April/May or September/October, a woolly hat may help.

– Coats – again, check the forecast! Quick drying fleeces are warm and great piled over layers, and a windproof and waterproof coat means you can be out in all weathers.

– If you like to be around the campfire of an evening – have one jacket that you don’t mind smelling of smoke. Maybe also bring an old blanket to snuggle up under which can double up as a picnic blanket during the day.

Items that can be hand-washed and that dry quickly ie leggings are better than heavier items like jeans.


This will depend if you are going out for cross-country walks or intend to visit villages and towns. Have one pair that you can slip on quickly to nip to the loo or to make a trip to the car in. Have one good sturdy pair for going out walking in. Slippers for inside the yurt will help keep you warm. If you plan to eat out in restaurants, then another ‘presentable’ pair could be added too. But really, who looks at your feet, so long as they are clean!

Leave your heels at home! Stilettos and gravel or grass do not mix.

Packing for a glamping break. Sustainability and holidays - protecting our green spaces


As tempting as it is to just do a massive shop at a supermarket before you leave, check what the storage situation will be. 

Is there a fridge and will it be a shared space with other guests or just for you? If it is shared, make sure to label any items you leave in there to avoid hassle/frustration of your food disappearing. Will there be just a cool box and therefore a limited space? Is there a freezer for cool blocks/ice? We provide an undercounter fridge per yurt, but no freezer space. 

Also, can you shop locally to the area to help support the local shops. We encourage guests to head to the local farmshops for groceries and meat, and to Campden for the bakeries etc. This is a fabulous way to support small businesses and put money into the local economy.


If you are bringing your own bedding with you – check the size of the beds you’ll be staying in. Using vacuum bags can be a great space saver on the way however do check there will be a vacuum cleaner at the site so you can use it to pack them away again for the journey home.

Also check if blankets will be provided, and ones for using around the campfire too so indoor blankets don’t get muddy/wet/smoky.


Torch: it is always useful to bring a torch. Kids love headtorches especially – great for snuggling up in bed and reading for a few minutes before sleep. Also good if you are walking back from one of the many lovely pubs in Campden and it is dark!

Depending on where your glamping site is – you may need wellies if you have to walk across fields. We have gravel pathways that link all the main areas so you won’t get muddy feet here.

Pack a small amount of laundry detergent so if disaster happens, you can deal with it straight away. Some sites may have washing machines, depending on the accommodation and size – we do not.

Remember – check what is already provided by the host – for instance we provide hot water bottles, so you don’t need to pack them. 

Reduce plastic – we provide glass carafes and metal flasks for water so you don’t need to bring plastic bottles of water with you. All of our water is drinking water.

I hope this guide to packing for a glamping break is useful to you. Just remember that list – bring it with you and pack in reverse to make sure it all comes home with you… I have found pj’s, socks and even an ipad under the bed after guests have gone!!

Each glamping site will provide different amounts of equipment. You can find ours below: