Sustainable Tourism and Glamping Getaways

Sustainability is a concept we are all getting more familiar with, so much so that travellers are putting it high on their list of priorities when choosing where to visit and stay. We all enjoy seeing natural wonders, beautiful scenery or historic sights so we need to take steps to protect them and make sure they are here for future generations to enjoy after us.

Travel organisations are promoting sustainable holidays and encouraging hosts to be transparent about their carbon footprints. The three main benchmark categories include 1) Electricity and energy consumption 2) Fresh water consumption and 3) Waste production.  Having policies that focus on these areas keeps us making sustainable choices where ever possible.

Minimising our Impact

Sustainability has been at the heart of Campden Yurts’ ethos since its inception in 2017. In an industry often criticised for its environmental impact, we have been committed to making responsible choices to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable approach to glamping. From eco-friendly cleaning practices to alternative energy solutions, we’re on a mission to prove that luxury and environmental responsibility can co-exist.

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Choosing Sustainability: A Greener Approach to Hospitality

The Green Cleaning Revolution

From the very beginning, our commitment to sustainability led us to opt for plant-based, environmentally friendly cleaning products. We believe that hospitality doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. By choosing products that avoid harsh chemicals, or pollute the waterways, we’re reducing our ecological impact. We also minimise waste by purchasing in bulk and reusing containers, applying the “reduce” and “reuse” principles. 

Toilets, Bathroom and Kitchen Supplies

While composting toilets are an eco-friendly choice, we recognised the council’s preference for flushing toilets and the need to accommodate families with young children. As parents we are all too aware of the reluctance of young children to use ‘alternative’ toilets. Striking a balance, we use ecological toilet rolls which are unbleached and made from recycled materials with low emissions. We also incorporate bio-tech loo rolls that promote healthier drainage systems. Kitchen rolls are also unbleached, chemical and plastic free.

Laundry and Energy: The Power of Sustainable Choices

Sustainable Laundry Practices

I do a lot of laundry!! To mitigate our environmental impact, we invested in an A+++ large drum machine and line dry all washing. Throughout I have used plant-based, biodegradable laundry detergent and no softeners. I have also tried some sheet eco-laundry papers too. As a trial at home I am now using detergent I have made myself out of conkers, which have natural soap in them, just to trial how this works. I have a good supply from our Horse Chestnut tree which grows on site – just don’t tell my teenagers, I am sure they will roll their eyes and think it very uncool! 

Sustainability aims - using conkers to make detergent

Harnessing Solar Power

The yurts themselves do not have electricity, but we can provide lighting via solar power. Solar panels charge portable batteries that we connect to the lights to illuminate our yurts. Outdoor areas are also lit by decorative solar lights reducing our reliance on conventional energy sources and minimising our carbon footprint. The lighting is minimal and low key so as not to cause problems for the bats that fly about feeding here at night.

Green Energy All Around


Electricity with a Conscience

Our bathrooms and kitchen room do have electricity for the fridges, appliances, water boiler and sockets where guests can charge phones. We source our electricity from a supplier committed to 100% renewable energy. We use energy-efficient LED lighting and skylights to reduce our reliance on electricity, contributing to a more sustainable experience for our guests.

Repurposing and Reducing Waste: A Pioneering Approach 

Creative Upcycling

We believe in the power of upcycling, repurposing items like furniture, firepits, containers, and even wellies. This not only adds character to our glamping site but also minimises waste by giving new life to old items.

Perhaps our greatest example is our Cob Pizza Oven ‘Bob’. We built him in 2016 with clay we dug out when installing our waste treatment plant. The straw was grown in the field opposite our glamping site and the stones are local Cotswold stone from a house demolition. He is a wonderful member of the Campden Yurts ‘team’, cooking hundreds of pizzas each season.

Sustainable glamping - our homemade cob pizza oven

Waste Reduction Strategies

Being a commercial business, our waste is managed by contractors – themselves the UK’s leader in sustainable waste management. Fortunately, we consistently produce more recyclables than landfill waste and make it easy for guests to recycle by having clearly labelled bins. We discourage guests from bringing plastic bottles of water by letting them know in advance that all our water is suitable for drinking and by providing metal drinking flasks and glass carafes. We also provide a good supply of re-usable lidded storage containers for use in the fridges – reducing the need for cling film/tin foil. Small things can make a difference too!

Nature-Focused Initiatives: Caring for Our Environment

Greener Planting

Every year, we expand our green footprint with willow structures, bee and butterfly-friendly plants, and rainwater harvesting. Our commitment to planting not only enhances the beauty of our glamping site but also contributes to the well-being of our winged friends.

Water Conservation

We collect rainwater for watering our plants, reducing our water consumption and promoting responsible water use. All watering is done using watering cans (and muscle) to reduce the water waste that hose pipes would cause.

Sustainable values - planting for bees and butterflies

Taking Sustainability to the Next Level

A Pledge to Sustainability

Campden Yurts has been a Bronze award holder with Green Tourism for many years, recognising the steps we have taken to run as sustainably as possible.

As well as this, I recently learnt about EnviroRental, who help hospitality owners assess and reduce their carbon footprint. Following their road map, I have been assessing and measuring our choices to identify additional steps for reducing our carbon footprint. This has challenged me to consider not just where I purchase from but also where the products I buy are made and how they are transported. I am now looking to buy only UK-produced eco-friendly products and am even considering a wormery for food waste disposal! I am also pleased to say that our website is ‘Green Hosted’ so runs on green electricity. We are committed to constantly seeking ways to further minimize our impact on the planet. 

In conclusion, at Campden Yurts, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. From our green cleaning practices to our low energy using solutions, we’re continuously striving to set new standards for responsible and sustainable glamping. Join us in our journey towards a greener, more eco-conscious future in the heart of the UK’s beautiful countryside.

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